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Monday July 3 Special Hour
We will remain open from 3:00PM - 8:40PM
Pick Up Only - No Delivery

Monday July 4 We Will Be Closed

Unfortunately, due to rising costs we will not be including complimentary Almond Cookies in orders

Happy New Year!

09/05/22 - Starting this year we will be closed on Labor Day


To our community,

            Unfortunately, we had our glass door shattered again by a person(s) looking for cash. This time they smashed our register to pieces and ransacked our small employee looker room. Since we do not keep any valuables over night at the restaurant the thieves only steal loose change. The more painful part for us is having the door temporary boarded up and replacing the glass which is costing us $1,000 plus. Sadly, we are looking into putting up a security gate across our store front.

                                      Stay safe everyone, from the family from Green Dragon

07/03/22 - Minimum for delivery has be increased to $35 and the delivery fee has been increased

07/03/22 - Prices have change on a majority of dishes, due to inflation, sorry for any inconvenience 

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